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Gum Disease and Toothache. I just want to say that this stuff is absolutely fantastic. I was experiencing severe toothache (I don't think there is a mild type!!). Within a day the problem eased, now I am virtually pain free. I have cancelled my dental appointment (thank goodness!!) realizing it was the gums not a tooth creating the problem. Also, I can even eat ice-cream with no pain. Your product really is miraculous. I am just off to check out your affiliate programe now as I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your products!! As I said before I am totally impressed by UGS. I was experiencing horrendous pain which started to alleviate from the first application. After three days I was pain free, and it has not returned. Hurrah!! Janet Great Britain

Gum Disease and Toothache. Mike wasn’t the only impressed users, however, Here’s what others Had to say as well: " I have been using the Ultimate Gum Solution on my clients for one month. All of them have had good results. I want to recommend this product to anyone who has gum infection problem from gum disease." Dr. Ner H. Azaula, D.D.S. (General dentistry), Eagle Rock, California Clinical test results by Dr. Azaula: Money-back guarantee

What is to be revealed here is information of great importance to the life of Every man, woman and child-and, what is more, it is new information even to those in the dental profession, for they too know very little of what, I am about to disclose to you. It is information that, in spite of the numerous exhaustive scientific studies which have painstakenly been carried out by Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S. was -- until now - shamefully buried for over 70 years as these theory of Focal Infection, physical degeneration by nutritional deficiencies and the cause Dental decay is the nutritional deficiencies as these theory is 100% accepted today. (quote from Root Canal Cover-Up, by Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S.

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